Sunday, 10 February 2013

museo de larco

One of the best museums we visited in Peru was the Museo de Larco in Lima. As well as gorgeous bowers of blooms draped over the building, it had the most amazing collections of gold, silver, quartz and turquoise, as well as art, textiles, pottery and the occasional mummy. 

It was great to get some context for all the exhibits we saw in the Highlands, plus some insight into what life was like for Peruvians before the Spanish arrived. One section explained the Incas' obsession with silver and gold: when you think about it, nothing else in those people's world made such a noise or shone so brightly. So when Incan leaders covered themselves in the metals, they really would have seemed like supernatural beings or demi-gods. 

After an immature tour of the erotic pottery exhibit, I was inspired by the gardens to go get a bouquet for G's mum at the market. It was so lovely being able to put together a beautiful bunch for under two quid! 

 A rather vintage-looking taxi ran us to the market, which was full of the smell of chicken cooking and ripe fruit.  

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