Tuesday, 12 February 2013


For the end of our stay, we decided to get a way to Mancora, a beach town in northern Piura, to top up our tans and relax before returning for our last semester at St Andrews. We arrived in our night bus to grey skies, but a wonderfully solid and dry heat. We took the first of many bumpy moto-taxi rides along the dusty coast road to our little beach hotel out of town. 

And after a while the sun came out! 

So began a lovely four days of sunbathing, beach walks, swimming and reading. In the midday heat we'd sip cold Cusquena beer and eat tequenos dipped in guacamole, then indulge at dinner in Pisco and massive plates of ceviche and arroz con mariscos.

Mancora was great, full of surfers and backpackers, but it was lovely escaping back to the peace our tiny hotel and watching pelicans swoop over the Pacific. 

In the evenings, everyone stopped what they were doing to watch the sun sink quickly below the waves.

 After one last play in the water, G clearly wasn't happy to leave. 

I promised myself I'd be back to see those sunsets again. 

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