Saturday, 24 November 2012

lazy links

Due to a number of things, this week has been somewhat hellish, involving copious amounts of mate tea, essay writing for twelve hours straight several days in a row, a lot of nerves and a horrible meeting. 

BUT: it's over now, and has been rounded off with a lovely Thanksgiving dinner. Every year my good friend Sazzle from University Hall has organised a meal: this year it's grown from being around her upturned bed in hall to a table for forty in Madras Clubhouse. We drank good wine, made toasts, and then danced to a Spice Girls medley while the boys washed up! 

This weekend will be the first in weeks that I haven't spent in the library. Why hello, novels in coffee shops, vintage fairs and letter writing! 

Here are some nice things from the Internetz to celebrate. 

Monday, 12 November 2012

the collaboration club

It was nice this week to have some of my wee films featured on a new project called The Collaboration Club. I've known one of the founders, Johanna, since living in University Hall together in first year, and she recently did a turn as a street style photographer for my section of Owl Eyes. 

One of the things I've come to appreciate about St Andrews is how easy and fulfilling it is to make things happen - whether a magazine, an event, a society, a project - and to collaborate and find support for various ventures. The Collaboration Club is a relaxed space for artists and creators of all kinds to share their work and inspire each other: ah, the wonders of the Internet. 

Thursday, 8 November 2012

guy fawkes night at willow cottage

At University it's important to me to observe holidays and traditions, even if only in a smaller way than at home. At Hallowe'en, I carved pumpkins in ArtSoc's studio to put on my windowsill (my academic daughter Elsa's was the stuff of nightmares:)

So for Guy Fawkes night, with essay deadlines looming, my flatmate Angela and I took a brief break from studying to act like 5 year-olds and wave sparklers around outside.It's all about the little things.