Saturday, 9 February 2013

lima days

For years G has been bemoaning the quality of fruit and veg - avocados and mangoes especially - in Britain. Up until now I kind of thought he was just being a half-Italian food snob, but now I see what he means. Every morning in Peru we ate and drank the biggest, juiciest, most colourful fruit I've ever seen! we didn't just go food shopping either: as you can see, in some shops you can find everything from religious icon costumes, flags, and (what we were rummaging through) boxes and boxes of vintage glasses frames. 

I didn't manage to capture a lot of things we did in Lima - catching a matinee of Pulp Fiction, cocktails with Uncle Memo at Peru's most prestigious gentleman's club, drinking Cusquena and eating cancha salada in tiny hipster bars with surfers, taking £1 taxis all over town to meet friends in the warm nights, walking G's dog Maya around the park. 

I was happy I could take some pictures of G with his family, after the most amazing seafood lunch of my life down at the  sailing club. 

After lunch, some driving around town with G's brother and an MRI scan (poor G slipped a disc!) we spent the evening walking around Lima's 'Magic Water Circuit' and eating candy floss for 1 sole a stick. 

It's a grey February in St Andrews and I'm missing those Lima afternoons! 

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