Saturday, 16 February 2013

an evening in barranco

For our penultimate night in back in Lima, we decided to spend the evening in Barranco, the most bohemian and artistic district of the city and popular with surfers too. The aristocracy seemed to like it in the 19th century, as it's filled with colonial houses like this museum. 

I couldn't stop fantasising about the parties you could throw here! 

We walked down into the Bajada de los Banos, a beautiful walkway running to the sea. 

People had gathered to watch the beautiful sunset - even a man who proposed to his girlfriend right next to us. 
As the sun went down, we walked back up to the Puentede los Suspiros, or the Bridge of Sighs, so called because of a beautiful girl living in one of the grand houses either side of the ravine, who fell in love with a street sweeper. Forbidden to marry him, she waited as a spinster at her window, nd those on the bridge could hear her sighs. 

We ate anticuchos de corazon and picarones with fresh frozen lemondade, then wandered back to the main plaza. 

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