Sunday, 10 February 2013

a day in central lima

One of my favourite things to do on holiday is wander in and out of churches and expos, stopping in shops and cafes along the way. Luckily G doesn't mind it either :) We toured around the Monastery of San Fransicso, which had a lot of beautiful religious art (with some crazy lost-in-translation explanations)and a pretty creepy crypt full of skulls and bones. 

I also managed to stock up on some Catholic kitsch, with medals, icons and huayruro beads with little gold owls on! We strolled through the main plaza, admiring the blue of the sky and yellow of the churches and colonial buildings against each other. I later even found an amazing frame full of jungle butterflies for about four quid! 

We followed our sight-seeing up with margaritas, spare ribs and burgers at Chillis, which G had a craving for ever since getting home. Eventually we strolled through the warm night, walking off our dinner, and took our purchases and photographs home. 

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