Monday, 29 October 2012

rockpools and vitamin D

Last weekend I went home for my mum's birthday and a big family dinner at my Gran's. I was in sore need of a break from St Andrews: love it as I do, the frequency of these blog posts should give an idea of how busy it is at the moment. Sometimes the things you love (seeing your friends everywhere, being able to walk any place) turn into the things you hate and you just need to get out to avoid cabin fever!

The weather suddenly turned perfect and it was so good to wander around Gullane beach with my parents and soak up the last rays of warm sun this year. Peering into rock pools, looking at birds and receiving some very good advice was the perfect way to spend a Sunday morning. 

Friday, 19 October 2012

st andrews study break

Nothing better than a wander around Cathedral ruins for a Friday library break. 

Thursday, 4 October 2012

sketching in the botanics

Right now I feel truly happy to be back in St Andrews as a fourth year. It's been insanely busy, but after three years of saying yes to everything (well, almost) and embracing new experiences, I finally feel like I kind of have my act together. This Sunday reminded me of so many reasons why I love St Andrews: where else could you walk ten minutes from the centre of town to beautiful a botanical garden filled with sun and an adorable local brass band? I've really enjoyed getting to know the ladies in the Art Society this year as Life Drawing Co-ordinator (yes, as with most things in St Andrews, the girls on the committee outnumber the boys 14:1...) We sketched, explored and soaked up the last rays of vitamin D we're likely to see until May.