Tuesday, 29 May 2012

the start of summer

The past month of so has been entirely unphotogenic, filled as it has been with exams, clouds and early nights. The weather gods have been kind with us since though - for the post-exam week we had glorious, sunburn-inducing heat, perfect for the traditional leavers' soaking ritual, bike rides, picnics, Pimms on the pier, cider at the Balgrove Larder Steak Barn, lunch at the Seafood Restaurant, smoothies and a harmonica in the cathedral grounds, beers and smokes in the garden, and much else besides. And when the fog did hit, we sheltered beneath an old parachute in the sand dunes (naturally) and played ridiculous drinking rules during Eurovision. St Andrews, you do summer good.

Monday, 7 May 2012

may ball

Last night was the Kate Kennedy Club's annual May Ball. I haven't attended since first year, but it was one of the best nights of the year. The sun came out just in time for champagne at a friend's and some photos by the sea at Kinkell Farm, before heading in to dinner and alot of wine accompanied by a jazz band! We screamed our head off on fairground rides, drank way too many gin and tonics, ate oysters, tried absinthe and danced until 3am. Luckily we managed to grab a taxi before the rush for buses began and raved all the way home as our driver assured us "I bring the party wherever I go"... I think a day in bed is much needed after an amazing night.