Friday, 8 February 2013

back to the city

On our way back to Cusco stopped for the night in Ollanta again. We were so happy to get back to the quiet, non-commercialised town and our lovely little hotel garden! After the usual Peruvian breakfats of eggs, ham and cheese with warm bread, freshly squeezed fruit juice and black coffee with brown sugar, we did some more climbin and wanderin. 

Soon it was time to taxi back to Cusco through the tiny mountain towns, and to enjoy some pretty crazy national costume, music and dancing. 

Needless to say, I quickly decided that I need a similar job involving singing and prancing round in amazing skirts. 

Llamas everywhar! 

We spent the next few days in Cusco seeing ruins, art and museums during the day, and meeting up with G's Brazilian musician friends in a crazy hostel for beers, smokes and some live sets.   

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