Wednesday, 31 July 2013

a sunday of goodbyes

One of the great things about my family is how often we see each other - every few weeks, we get together at my Gran's house for dinner. This Sunday we had everyone around for a late lunch to celebrate my leaving and my cousin Laura's bithday, including a new member of the clan! 

Emma with my newest little second cousin. Meet Alexandra Scout Margaret More! 

Hi bro. 

All the men of the family took turns with the wee newbie, who proves to have amazing stare-out abilities already! 

Spot the raspberry blower. 

I love these taking these candid shots when everyone's preparing for a photo. 

When everyone had trooped home G and I decided to work off the strawberry tarts with awalk on the beach. Excuse me for the cheesy couple shot, but I won't see him for maybe 6 months! Can you blame me? :P I feel entitled to all the cheesiness I want!! 

The sunset was absolutely gorgeous 
I'm going to miss my little beach, but hopefully I'll find another spot of my own in Miyazaki.  

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