Friday, 2 August 2013


There may come a time in the next year when I'm sick of rice and fish. But that is not this day.

Thus, I said one last goodbye to some chums with some Asahi beer and all you can eat sushi, miso and tempura. We talked tactics, and tucked in. 

The high point of the night had to be Rachel's stupendous creation: an homage to the cat cafes of Tokyo in chocolate roll, flan and rice paper form. 

The shock of this excellent concoction was only exacerbated by the whole restaurant singing along to a Happy Birthday jingle - which incidentally sounded like it was sung by cats - which was repeated several times. Cue hysterical laughter from Caroline. 

Already full of sushi, we nevertheless tucked in. The buffet menu at Yes Sushi was great value for money, since sushi can be so expensive to eat in the UK, and the hot pot looked fantastic too. 

It was a lovely way to say farewell to dear old friends. And now, bags packed and house set in order, I'm finally ready to go. Tomorrow morning, at just after 6am, I'll leave for the airport and launch into what I expect will be a shorter, more intense, more Japanese (and less drunken) version of Freshers' week. I'm as ready as I'll ever be and I've been so touched by everyone's good wishes and thoughts. I will miss you all so much. Sayonara Scotland! 

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