Saturday, 27 July 2013


It is now 1 week only until I leave Scotland - or Scoterando- for Japan! It's finally hit me that I won't be seeing certain people for a very long time, and some perhaps never again, which is quite scary to think about. However, the more I prepare to go the more excited I am for this entirely new experience in my life. 

One of the things I'm doing is buying tons of omiyage, or gifts, for my future colleagues and neighbours. Gift giving is an important part of etiquette in Japan and JETs are encouraged to bring things that represent their home country. Roll on the Edinburgh tourist mementos!!

It felt pretty strange actually entering the tartan houses with their obnoxious 'Red Hot Chilli-Pipers' bagpipe music blasting out...

Plenty of rock to rot my future pupils' teeth! And some whiskey for the kocho (principal) of my school

After a hard morning's gift shopping I met my chums Hamish and Natalie at my favourite place to eat in Edinburgh, the Mussel Inn. Much to my dismay, their fantastic 1/2 kilo pots were out of the equation due our recent heat wave, but luckily their lunch menu was still going and we enjoyed mussels with blue cheese, moroccan spice and red pepper sauces respectively. Nat was kind enough to model the Och Aye Jimmy hat... hope the junior high kids enjoy it as much! 

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