Sunday, 30 August 2015

school dayz

It was only around March that I started to feel vaguely competent at my job and a part of the school, so it was kind of sad to leave just as I was becoming useful. but that's life - maybe under different circumstances I would have stayed longer. I certainly miss these sweet, hard working, open hearted kids of English club

I wanted to include some examples of the work I would mark over green tea in the staff room. It was invariably endearing and hilarious. 

You must not plot 
 I may shed wet from my eyes

Who could leave these kids?!

The long awaited day

A small batafry 

 I necessarily repent

Common sights around school: band practice in sweltering heat in the holidays, fruit collecting in a typhoon, and mid afternoon desk naps (necessary because of how little people sleep and tolerated as proof that you are working hard!) 

 Plus - two ALTs acting out :) 

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