Sunday, 2 August 2015

please let me estimate

One of the things I miss about Japan is the creative use of English. From the local vegan restaurant named 'That's Bock Ring!' to my favourite student's pencil case - featuring a ganja leaf, the Jamaican flag and the legend 'Is it rearry so bad for me?' - I kind of got used to the apparently totally random phraseology. 

That's sooooo Bock Ring. 
I wanted to share some of the better examples I would see in daily life - although not to make fun at the attempts (well maybe a little bit). Any attempt to use a foreign language should be applauded, and all of these are far better than the average English speaker could come close to in Japanese. I just really like the strangely poetic yet precise quality that arises from the weird translations, so that 'Japanese English' has a unique character of its own. Collecting them became somewhat of a pastime. 

Up front. 

Deeply minced. 

This was in a cate cafe and perfectly summed up my feelings at the time. 

A sarcastic "heart"?

True dat

I miss the earnest exhortations to do your best literally everywhere. 


It does. 

A comprehensive explanation. 

The struggle is real. 

Thanks for clearing that up.

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