Sunday, 19 May 2013

ushering in a new era... with lobster

Exams are over and I'm back after a long leave of absence! Various factors contributed to blog silence. It started with terrible weather. It was compounded by complete dissertation panic mode and melt-down. It was finished off by an after-party that somehow - through the machinations of rum, an open fire and piano-playing - finished at 7am and led into a dawn walk along the pier, and my camera being flung off the end of it into the sea. Fail. 

But! I'm lucky I have such nice friends. Rohan, my co-conspirator in the camera incident, brought me back a new one from the States after Easter, and I'm only now (after dissertation hand-in and my last undergraduate exam EVER!!) putting it to good use. To celebrate our new-found freedom, we dined in true St Andrews style - with lobster and warm white wine in glass mugs by the harbour.

All you have to do is call Pat down in the ice cream shack a few days in advance, and ask her to get the fisherman to bring you one back! 

Then, simply sit back and enjoy the sun! Or, mess around with your pashmina like Angela. 

I've only ever had lobster with pasta, covered in tomato sauce and garlic in Sicily, so I felt very new to the experience still. The bad boys were fresh from the sea, bright red and accompanied by big papers of chips with salt and vinegar.

His wee face!! 

For pudding, we decided on 40p bags of sweets to be eaten in the sun, and escaped to Regulus Halls' 'secret garden', accessed by hole in a hedge. Bring on summer, daisy chains, reggae and sun tans! 

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