Wednesday, 22 May 2013

soakings and puppies!!

In St Andrews we have many traditions. At the end of April and the start of May, we process down the pier with flaming torches and party all night, before running into the north sea at dawn. We avoid stepping on the letters "PH" set into the stone by the quad, or aforementioned "May Dip" is considered obligatory (it's that or failing your degree.  We adopt children, engage in foam fights, and indulge in an "academic striptease" with our red gowns as we progress through university. But my newest tradition is SOAKING! 

This entails waiting for your friends outside their very last undergraduate exam or assignment hand-in, and drenching them with water - if they're lucky.  Some unfortunates may receive glitter, feathers, flour, or foodstuffs. Lucky ones get champagne. 

Lorraine and I were pretty lucky we got a sunny day...  

I have to say my friend Bee's soaking was the best. Her dad brought up the family's new puppy to say congratulations! He's still as yet unnamed, so until then, hello Mr BoyBoy Pupsy-Button! 

We had a great time playing with him and thinking up names - Basil, Cliff and Winston seem to be in the running. 

Let's hope the cutie doesn't suffer an identity crisis.

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