Tuesday, 6 March 2012

missing the flat

Around this time of year, when Spring is starting but taking its time, I always start pining for our family  flat by the sea in Spain. I'm so sad that my Dad's Uncle had to sell it, and we'll never be able to live in it again! 

I have amazing memories right back to being a tiny kid, sitting on the balcony in the sun, eating shrimp and garlic butter, hot roast chicken, duck from the Chinese downstairs and tomato and chorizo salads, and playing whist and Uno for hours. 

The flat is a walk away from the gorgeous town of Villa Joyosa. Every August the fiesta takes over, with everyone taking part in giant Moors and Christians parades, complete with costumes and crazy-ass floats. Paella competitions shut down whole streets. 

The best part is the guns, torches and full-blown boat-battle at dawn, ending in a siege of the castle on the beach.

It's a shame that this little corner of the coast is quickly disappearing as it becomes increasingly industrialised and the towns and villages join up.

I love spending weeks at the flat with my family, eating churros and hot chocolate at the ice cream parlour, reading piles of books, visiting churches and mountain springs, and goofing around alot. 

I could write pages about the flat - its amazing being able to relax back into yourself, feel the heat seep into your bones, and find time to write and sketch again. I guess we'll find another haven return to year after year. 

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