Monday, 5 March 2012

family photographs

I love when my Dad visits my Grandma down in Lincolnshire, because he always brings back the most amazing old family finds, whether my now-beloved bike, bracelets from pre-war Norway, medals from my Grandad's time as a Navy Captain, or these gorgeous photographs.

My young Grandma with one of my Aunts.

I love how the trademark Patterson ears are so apparent in most of these!

My favourite - my great Grandfather chilling in a bus some sunny afternoon. 

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  1. Wow! You look so much like your grandmother, from the pictures I've seen of you. I love old photographs, too, even when they're not of my family. My grandma took me to a small consignment shop in her town and they had boxes of forgotten family photographs and postcards. I wanted to buy them all and find a way to give them to the people they belong to, but that would be too expensive and overwhelming haha. I also feel like having old pictures of people I don't know scattered throughout my house might say something concerning about my psyche; I'm not sure what it would say, but it seems an odd collection to have. ;)