Tuesday, 24 September 2013

things my students want to know

I present some gems from the last of my self introduction classes. This has genuinely been one of my favourite parts of teaching so far... I can't wait to set them journal assignments! 

Only if he's not a true Scotsman. 

How do I tell you no?

So we've kind of covered this. 


I have no words

Can't you tell?!

Er... ok. 

I think so?

That old chestnut.

Joking aside, my students are awesome. Yesterday I spent the day at a recitation and speech contest to support two girls I've been coaching since August. One placed 2nd in her category, and the other placed 1st in hers! I was over the moon for them, given the hours and days they've spent going over the same five paragraphs. However it does mean we have to spend another month practicing the same speeches... but, gaman. Seeing the students improve and have their efforts recognised has been extremely rewarding. 

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