Friday, 28 June 2013

a little trip to paxos

One of the best days we had in Greece was a trip we took to Paxos via speedboat. We set out bright and early with the surf zooming past us.  

First stop, coffee by the harbour of a gorgeous little town nestled into the cliffs. Next up was a tour of Paxos' beautiful caves and coastline (viewed from the roof of the boat, naturally). 

The sea was insanely clear and blue (and cold...) 

After a somewhat invigorating dip and swim to a sandy shore, we picnicked on the prow and lapped up the rays.

We spent the rest of the afternoon eating ice cream and wandering around little backstreet shops and churches. 

I loved these little mirrored lamps!

We arrived back home to our little cove sleepy and windswept from our day on the high seas. 

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