Monday, 2 July 2012


This year my birthday seemed to fall at the perfect time. My internship in St Andrews finished the day before, Gabby's internship started the Monday after, and it was a Saturday which meant we got to throw a big ole party.
In terms of photos, I have barely any - I was having too much fun. My amazing parents went all out and even took a long weekend to make decorations, cocktail menus and canapes for the Mad Men theme. We had falling man and Joanie cut-outs, a New York skyline, and a garden filled with candle lanterns and milk bottles full of meadow flowers. It was so amazing to have so many friends and family all under one roof, and all looking absolutely gorgeous in sharp suits and 60s dresses. We twisted, we drank mojitos, and finished the night with champagne and a bonfire on the beach that only burned out at 4am when it got light. 
I feel so lucky to have so many great people around me who made the night so special. 
Last four photos courtesy of Jessica Boston, Rachel Meiklejohn, and my bro :) 

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